Watch UFC Fight Night 100 Bader Vs Nogueria 2

Watch UFC Fight Night 100 Bader Vs Nogueira 2 11/19/16 – 19th November 2016 Full Show Online

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Watch UFC Fight Night 100

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“Minotouro” has long been regarded as the better boxer of the two Nogueira brothers — and for good reason. As a southpaw, he has an excellent right jab and a left hand that carries surprising power and quickness. He couples both of these punches with a right hook that serves to counter opponents who stand around too long in the pocket. His jiu-jitsu, on the other hand, does not compare to that of his heavyweight brother. “Minotouro” has never secured a submission in the UFC, as he is neither a takedown artist nor very aggressive off of his back. He has, however, shown some solid takedown defense, especially in his fight with Patrick Cummins, whom Nogueira upset by knockout.



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