Watch WWE Broken Skull Session Sasha Banks 2/21/21

Watch WWE Broken Skull Session Sasha Banks 2/21/21 – 21st February 2021 Full Show Online:-

Need more proof that Steve Austin is a master host? Then check out the latest episode of his ‘Broken Skull Sessions’ show – in it, ‘Stone Cold’ shows his interviewing chops yet again by bringing Sasha Banks back from the brink of kayfabe-related disaster.

Someone needed to tell her that this was Austin’s WWE Network show, not ‘After The Bell’.

Seriously though, the interview’s second half was way more enjoyable than the first due to Austin’s subtle redirection and Banks’ own ability to relax. There was an ice-breaking moment that’ll be detailed in the main meat of this article, and it’s pretty eye-opening stuff from both.

Sasha talked everything from depression, Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair, the frostiness of WWE’s women when she first traded NXT for the “main roster”, NXT itself, the hidden importance of fellow ‘Team B.A.D’ members Naomi and Tamina, and more.



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