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Survivor Series had too many surprises to count, including the unbelievable conclusion of Goldberg and Brock Lesnar’s Mega Match. However, as WWE’s fall classic moves to the rear view, how will the winners and losers of the big night — including Goldberg — address the path ahead? has a few ideas.

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DATE: November 21st, 2016





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  • sunny george 4 years ago

    i think the goldberg also must be beat paul but he did not this…..

  • Nixon Macwan 4 years ago

    Brock deserves a rematch , People would love to see Goldberg vs Brock lesnar again.

    • i don’t think he deserves anything LOL
      he got brushed by Goldberg.

    • mihajlo 4 years ago

      in think nobody won’s goldberg vs brock again they wont more of goldberg and i see in one video that goldberg talks how he wont to destroy seth rollins and now beacuse seth rollins turn possibl hell with the shield so i think 100% that seth rollins is next

    • goldberg 4 years ago

      he deserve a shit big boy loser

  • Goldberg smashed the beast in cornet Brock Lesner

  • NaBil Rollins 4 years ago

    I hope there will be a Rollins & Reigns vs Team Kevin and Chris Jeri Ko

  • Very short match better that 20 mins of suplexs lol

  • When are the parts coming

  • Greg McDanielson 4 years ago

    Part 3 is just part 2 again

  • francesco possenti 4 years ago

    doesn’t work dude 😉

  • NaBil Rollins 4 years ago

    Part 1 2 3 4 doesn’t work

    • Jason Smith 4 years ago

      yeah dude why we want to watch it guys who with me #ROMAN_MPIRE #SETH_FREAKEN_ROLLINS

  • Goldberg superhero..