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Last night at Royal Rumble, the Raw Tag Team Titles fell into the hands of two “good brothers,” The King of the Cruiserweights was crowned and Kevin Owens retained the WWE Universal Championship under monstrously questionable circumstances. How will the Raw landscape continue to change tonight? has some ideas.

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DATE: January 30th, 2017





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  • I got a question are u guys gonna post holy foley

  • I think Randy orton vs bray wyat at wrestlmania

    • Richerraph 4 years ago

      No. Randy Orton won the Royal Rumble, so he will be face versus the WWE champ. John Cena.

      So, at Wrestlemania, the main event is Randy Orton vs John Cena

      • Your not Smart 4 years ago

        Your so stupid there not gonna book randy vs john. It will be randy vs bray he will the title in the chamber.

      • Your completely wrong. That wouldnt happen cause randy Orton vs john cena has happened several times before, it will be probably randy orton vs bray Wyatt.

      • Actually that may change after elimination chamber 🙂

  • denise 4 years ago

    why when i click this it gose to an educational thing

    • watchwrestling 4 years ago

      videos are their…

      • No, this is happening for me too. It brings me to a strange page that has no video and just says, “You are watching a Education video on DailyMotion k7I1iFBvMF4uIrlC2D9”

  • sanjay 4 years ago

    reupload part 8 please

  • sanjay 4 years ago

    last part is not working in Part 8 (sasha banks vs nia jax)

  • sanjay 4 years ago

    last part is not working in Part 8 (sasha banks vs nia jax)

  • Can u reupload part 8 please it’s not working from minutes 10 to the end.
    We can’t see anything

  • professor chocolate 4 years ago

    This thing at the end, with Triple H, was vintage WWE!
    It’s probably considered entertaining to see how the authority rules and the idea of evolution that those who don’t submit get left behind.

    • professor chocolate 4 years ago

      “Adapt or perish” i was trying to say.

  • I think KO is gonna dump Jericho and have Samoa Joe as a tag partner those two would be deadly

  • Have u upload WWE 24 wrestlemania Dallas?

  • Bogdan???? 4 years ago

    I wanna thank you for doing this so professional and also caring about the problems.I recently found this site and I think it’s the best one without any doubts and the high quality of the videos is a huge advantage!!!Thank you!!!

  • i just loved this site, hope it never closes ♥♥♥♥‼☺

  • Bro we all know that john Pena is gonna be a 17 time world camp at Westphalia 33