Watch WWE Raw 4/3/17

Watch WWE Raw 4/3/17 – 3rd April 2017 Online Full Show

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After handing The Undertaker a stunning defeat in the main event of WrestleMania, Roman Reigns officially holds dominion over the yard The Phenom had once called his own. What awaits The Big Dog on his first night after accomplishing the monumental feat? Tune into USA Network live at 8/7 C.

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DATE: April 03rd, 2017





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  • live 1 hq isn’t working

  • salvador lomeli 4 years ago

    i hate roman.

  • Tazerd 4 years ago

    Ref needs to watch the white lines on his shirt when roman is near And speaking of undertaker it was time … Hes been wrestling for 30+Years Thank You Taker May You Rest In Peace! Close msg.

  • live 2 HQ as well

    • watchwrestling 4 years ago

      HQ quality did not work, due to some technical issue

  • Tazerd 4 years ago

    Part 1 is working

  • Tazerd 4 years ago

    @watchwrestlkng that technical issue is called redirection or a big fat FU for trying to watch something for free but nice try 😉

  • i become eye cancer cause this shit quality from 1990

    • Live 2 has a good quality! Click on live 2 and if u steel have problem, then go to wwe network and shut up!

      • i’ve got steel on my problems..thats right

        • Then u have 2 options! First option: Clean or buy a new pc! Second option: wwe network $ 9.99! The admin of this site does a GREAT job for US and for FREE! I see now raw by live 2 with a very good quality! So choose an option and leave us to enjoy the show! PEACE!

          • I thought you can not watch weekly shows on the network live? i already have the wwe network

          • I have not idea to be honest! Live 2 HQ just fixed! Check it out!

  • Tazerd 4 years ago

    Hed you can change the quality from 144 to 720 lol yeh even thats bad hahaha

  • Tazerd 4 years ago

    # $ 9.99

  • Tazerd 4 years ago

    Yes sir kevo sir how about you f off to the network and let us watch it for free! And feel free to leave a comment after the beep…BEEEEP

    • I have told to your mom so many times that i should have u at the weekends! She refused and here are the results! A little monkey with a big mouth! But its fine! Not my problem anymore!

  • Why do people hate Roman so much

    • Actually people think that even at the age of 53 Undertaker should have wrestle.. but don’t want new talent to come forward and take places of old wrestlers.. To be honest if you ask any of Roman haters that why they hate Roman ?
      Their answer will be ” he sucks” lol
      They don’t even know why tey hate him even though he is actually the most talented wrestler right now probably..

  • What wrong with audio on part 6

  • Undertaker is just an old washed up wrinkly geaser of his former self, thank god he retired.

    • I agree he’s old but have some respect man. He has given his all to this business. He wasn’t putting his body on the line for money, but for wwe. He’s not only the greatest wrestler ever, but also a loyal servant of the business.

  • ian birse 4 years ago

    part 9 balor return please

  • Rudy Perkins 4 years ago

    Cool thanks for showing

  • ian birse 4 years ago

    more parts please

  • Adam Russell 4 years ago

    As a wrestler myself. I can say that Roman reigns does not suck. He has great wrestling ability. And quite frankly I can’t see why people don’t like him. Am I upset about The Undertaker retiring? Yes, but as much as I don’t like to admit it. His time was over. It started with the company in 1990 and it’s time for the new of guys to takeover. Simple as that. Roman reigns is the next guy to do it.

  • Rajesh 4 years ago

    I like it