Watch WWE Raw 8/5/2019

Watch WWE Raw 8/5/2019 – 5th August 19 Online Full Show

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 Preview: The reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar will be at WWE Monday Night Raw. Will Seth Rollins? If so, how will The Architect counter the already-infamous beating he suffered at the hands of The Beast last week?

DATE: August 5th, 2019



Quick Hits

  • How injured is Seth Rollins heading into his SummerSlam battle with Brock Lesnar?
  • Was someone responsible for the Roman Reigns forklift incident?
  • Will Becky Lynch and Natalya’s rivalry continue to escalate?
  • Will The O.C. keep their celebration going into SummerSlam?
  • What’s next for WWE’s first pregnant champion?



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  • Muhammad Rizwan 1 year ago

    I want to see Monday night raw live

    • dan sylvester stallone, maybe u make better Wifi or else ^^
      Or make 2 clicks on the play button, not ! ^^

      • Pierre 1 year ago

        I hear you, Dan Sylvester. 32 year fan here. AEW is not far behind. I highly recommend the “OFF THE SCRIPT” podcast on youtube. JDFromNY reviews every show and ppv, and unlike others, gives his honest rant and opinions. He works for House of Glory and has a good feel for the product and what’s wrong with it.

  • Next , time ! Seth better not makes a Bla Bla , with brockkkk Lesnarrrrr

  • Lol , Paige looks like paul bearer ! 😀

  • dan sylvester 1 year ago

    i have been a wrestling fan for over 45 years sorry to say the plots, or story lines are the worse i have had to watch over the years, years ,years,of Vinces stupid story plots (Fun House,24/7 champ,who thinks up this junk) we love wrestling so lets wrestle, Fire the writers and get new ones.

  • Luyanda 1 year ago

    I love wwe

  • wth , Oldberg is here for 1 match ? xD

  • Dolph Ziggler is not next, hes LAST !

  • Paul Heyman 1 year ago

    Ladies and Gentleman , my Name is Paul Heyman .

    Godd night bitches

  • Kyle J Wagner 1 year ago

    I miss sasha banks

  • Daniel 1 year ago

    They already have new writers, ive been a wrestling fan for over 30 years and i quite like the 24/7 championship, reminds me of the old hardcore title matches lol. You cant slate what obviously works over in the US. Their fans dont mind it. If you dont like it, watch something else! Im sure they wont miss you.

  • Why Roman not come for help Seth from last few weeks I am confused and who attack on Roman I think it’s smoa Joe

  • wrestler 1 year ago

    Charlotte Flair and Natalia are far better and prepared than Becky linch. You clearly see they have to low themselves to make “the man” shining brighter. Great professionals.

  • alok rajput 1 year ago

    very nice