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Preview: Last week on SmackDown LIVE, a very confident AJ Styles vowed to put an end to Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn’s “Yep!” Movement at the Royal Rumble event, when he defends his WWE Championship against them in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match. However, will the two friends have anything else to say as they try to get under The Phenomenal One’s skin before this Sunday’s showdown in Philadelphia? Find out on SmackDown LIVE, tonight at 8/7 C on USA Network.

DATE: January 23rd, 2018



Quick Hits

  • Xavier Woods and Jinder Mahal clash in United States Title Tournament Semifinal
  • Bobby Roode battles Mojo Rawley in United States Title Tournament Semifinal
  • Charlotte Flair, Naomi & Becky Lynch take on The Riot Squad
  • How will Owens & Zayn react to Shane McMahon’s meddling in their match?


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  • Luke Gallows 3 years ago

    dude all your live streams audio and video are out of sync.

  • Yea all audio is off with the video

  • Luke Gallows 3 years ago

    this site fuckin sucks anymore. for the last couple months ive had to switch to livestreams over watching hd parts because you added adds literally every 2 and 3 minutes to where i watch more ads than wrestling. now the yesterday the servers were down n when they did work they lagged horribly. now its totally unwatchable because there is a 5 second lag in what u hear from what u see. i always ask to fix it n it never gets fixed. just worse.

  • Luke Gallows 3 years ago

    and part 1 has never been added 10 min after show start. try a half hour usually longer. and then literally every 2 min without fail theres a damn ad. 5 ads in a 10 min video.

  • Luke Gallows 3 years ago

    every live stream is outta sync. every one on every server

  • Luke Gallows 3 years ago

    still no working livestream. tried them all. live 2 crashes my browser instead of not loading at all now. 23 min after show starts n no hd parts up. too far behind for a livestream. man this used to be the a1 best source for wwe and independent wrestling. now it just shows me what events there were but i cant watch them anymore.

  • Steve 3 years ago


  • Is mixed match challenge going to work this week

  • Ridiculous 3 years ago

    Wow look at all you entitled twits commenting here. These guys provide a service at no charge to you and all you can do is critique and whine like children. I for one thank watchwrestling for your efforts.

  • Brock Lesnar 3 years ago

    Rejected due to copyright

  • Brock Lesnar 3 years ago

    Rejected due to copyright again

  • Copyright again